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Tuition materials (translation of British courses 301-304)

The UK Actuarial Profession is happy to make these tuition materials available in Russian for the benefit of actuarial students in Russia. It has been my personal privilege to be associated with the development of the actuarial profession in Russia for more than a decade and I look forward with eager anticipation to the time when the Russian Guild of Actuaries will take its seat at the table of the global actuarial profession, through becoming a Full Member of the International Actuarial Association. These tuition materials are practical rather than theoretical in nature but they explain and develop essential principles and concepts to facilitate the application of actuarial techniques in the real world. They have an important role to play in developing actuaries who are equipped to apply their science in practical situations, so as to play a vital part in the financial and risk management of financial institutions, and thereby to serve the public interest and contribute to the development of a sound financial sector in Russia. The materials are published with good wishes from the actuaries in the UK to the future actuaries of Russia. We look forward to many years of future cooperation within the framework of the international actuarial community.

Chris Daykin
Chairman International Education and Continuing Professional Development Committee The UK Actuarial Profession.

Chris Daykin. The rebirth of the actuarial profession in Russia – a personal view. // Aktuariy N7-8, 2003

V. Baskakov, A. Lelchuck, D. Pomazkin. To the question of actuarial education in Russia. // Pension funds and investments, 2003

Tuition materials

301. Investment and asset management
302. Life insurance
303. General insurance
304. Pensions and other benefits
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