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In brief about myself

Before restoration of capitalism had got high engineering (Moscow automobile-road university) and mathematics (Kalinisky state university, with honours) education, and had defended Ph. D. thesis on safety of technical systems. In the articles, dedicated to the mathematical statistics methods, necessary for work in the mentioned sphere, had been came across repeatedly the mention of possibility to apply above mentioned methods for construction of mortality tables, however couldn’t share joy of authors of the corresponding articles, as long as didn’t know the meaning of the «mortality tables».

I have been dealing with actuarial calculations since 1992. The choice of new profession was determined by two factors: (1) the old one didn’t provide sustenance; (2) I didn’t want to change the sphere of activity cardinally. During the main part of 1992 I was factually an independent actuary, dealing with rate making of life insurance. In view of actuarial literature shortage, actuarial knowledge came to nothing more than life insurance schemes, picked up from insurance dictionary, and principle of equivalence of the present values of premiums and benefits.

In the end of 1992 joined Insurance Company «Victoria» as a chief actuary. From 1994 to 1997 the companies had been changing: Military insurance company, Renaissance insurance (1997), AIG Russia (1997-2002), with the same post – career growth had not happened to be. From 2002 to 2006 had been working as a deputy director of Independent actuarial informational-analytical centre, and now have become an independent actuary again.

In 1996 entered in the Institute of Actuaries (Great Britain); in 1999 took Diploma in Actuarial Techniques, but failed implementation of long written work on 300 subjects over three hours in English, as my English was not good enough. In view of unpopularity of Komsomol («will not leave the Komsomol, will be young forever »), perpetual student being helps to keep youth – I’m still a student of the Institute of Actuaries, as the Institute doesn’t limit the term of being a student.

Governmental actuary of Great Britain, C. Daykin, rendered assistance in studying of subjects of the 300th series on my own, by providing financing of their translation through Know How Fund. By-effect result you can find out in the part «Tuition Materials».

For long-term period of actuarial activity have obtained an experience of solving of numerous questions of life insurance, general insurance, reinsurance, voluntary pension insurance / non-governmental pension provision, national social security, in the first place of state pension system, in particular:

  • development of insurance products: insurance schemes, pricing, profit testing, reinsurance, terms of insurance, artworks;
  • preparation of documents for licensing: Rules of insurance, pricing and valuation methodologies, tables of insurance rates etc.;
  • valuation according to the international standards and US GAAP;
  • modeling of future cash flows (insurance office model); business planning;
  • elaboration of systems of voluntary retirement insurance / non-governmental provision of pensions. Evaluation of pension liabilities of enterprises according to the international standards and US GAAP;
  • analysis of Russian state pension system, participation in elaboration of the model of pension system by request of Ministry of economic development and trade, working out of numerous scenarios of development of Russian pension system and long-term forecasting of cash flows, working out of proposals on development of state pension system;
  • statistical data analysis;
  • working out of proposals on improvement of insurance and pension legislature.

Took part in work of the board of Association of actuaries and its assignee – Guild of actuaries: was in charge of life insurance committee, coordinated activity of joint working group of Association of actuaries and Department of insurance supervision of Ministry of finance of the Russian Federation on elaboration of the Rules of forming of insurance reserves by insurers under the life insurance contract. The above rules have not been approved in Russia yet (we hope so, that yet), however work have not gone in vain – in 2004 they were inculcated in Ukraine with mere alterations.

During work I had been trying to take part in settlement of wide range of problems, including those, beyond ordinary duties of Russian actuary: training of employees of the company and insurance agents, settlement of questions concerning organization of insurance process and computer accounting systems and systems of data processing, negotiations with insured etc. To gain a better understanding of the actuarial profession I have oriented in Anglo-Saxon tradition, perfectly reflected in saying of notable Britain actuary F. Redington: «Actuary, who is only the actuary, – is not the actuary». Breadth of interests had appeared to be useful in consulting work, as clients usually are interested in getting of recommendations on wide range of questions.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all those, who honored me with order of consulting services and, in first place, such companies as Sogaz-life, AIG Russia, ROSNO, Progress, Renaissance-life, Swiss Re, ING and Interregional Transit Telecom; these works helped to get used to the consulting actuary activity.

Also, I would like to thank excellent collective of Independent actuarial informational-analytical centre (ANO IAAC), and especially its director, professor V. N. Baskakov. Years of work in the Centre were interesting and fruitful; participation in works of the Centre on social insurance and, especially, state pension system, has provided the possibility to obtain invaluable experience in above spheres of activity.

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